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Layered Drop Ceilings


The beauty of working with Gyproc boards is that they can be suspended at varying heights and cut as per design requirements. Thus instead of dropping the ceiling at only one specific height, you could even create a step effect on your ceiling. This can be done either by working inwards from the wall ends of the ceiling or outwards from a focal point in the room. For example, a staggered step ceiling in one corner of the living room could designate the bar area.

Sun Roof

A partial sun roof not only creates a focal point in the room but also gives the room an unbeatable attractiveness. Ask any designer and they’ll tell you that nothing beats natural light! Privacy can easily be maintained by designing the sun window in such a way so that it can be opened and closed. The only limitation of having a sun roof is that it is possible only on penthouse apartments and top floors of a bungalow.


Beams are usually concealed within walls and ceilings but in some cases non load bearing beams are created purely for aesthetic appeal. Beams that run across the entire width or only a part of it are also effective visual space dividers. These beams could be wooden or created using plasterboard depending on the desired décor. Wooden beams lend the room a warmer country charm while gypsum board beams have a more contemporary appeal.

Coffered Ceilings

A coffer, in architecture is a sunken panel in a ceiling. Coffers have been used decoratively in architecture for centuries. A coffered ceiling is usually repetitive in terms of the shape and size of the coffers but by mixing the two it is possible to use coffered ceilings to divide spaces.

Double Height Ceilings

In the cases of a duplex space just the mere absence of a ceiling in a part of the room can also help in dividing the space. This does result in the loss of floor space for the upper floor but gives the room a very luxurious character