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Gyproc Moisture Resistant Plasterboard


Gyproc Moisture Resistant consists of an aerated gypsum core with special water repellent additives encased in and firmly bonded to, strong moisture-resistant paper liners that are green.


Suitable for use in both ceilings and drywall partitions in wet areas of interiors like bathrooms and kitchens. Also suitable as a base for tiling in these wet areas and for external soffits in sheltered positions.


  • Green face paper
  • Green reverse side paper

Additional Properties

1. Absorbs less than 160gm/m2 of water during surface absorption tests                                                                   
2. Tiles up to 12.5mm thick and 32 kg/m2 can be fixed using 3mm adhesive

Manufacturing Standards

IS 2095 - Part l, 2011

Thermal Conductivity

0.24 (W/m°K )


9.5mm board, R = 0.052
1219 1829 SE
12.5mm board, R = 0.078
1219 1829 TE/SE
1219 2438 TE/SE
1219 3048 TE/SE
15mm board, R = 0.093
1219 1829 TE/SE
1219 2438 TE/SE
1219 3048 TE/SE