A growing body of research shows that the physical environment of a healthcare facility plays a vital role in determining patient outcomes. In a well designed space, medical staff make better decisions, the quality of care improves and patients recover more quickly.


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Patient-Centric Spaces

Building environment on patient well-being combined with the increasing focus on sustainability and flexibility in future-proofing buildings face challenges of multifunctional departments, complex planning, design and construction technologies. India has only 1.3 hospital beds per 1,000 people-significantly lower than the guideline of 3.5 beds defined by World Health Organization. One of the means to address this demand- supply gap is increase in the number of beds as close as possible to match the growth in population. This is one area where a shift to construction materials that facilitate faster construction will play a pivotal role. Gyproc false ceiling and drywall technology is a proven and preferred technology used worldwide by the healthcare industry to deliver high performance hospitals as per globally recognized standards.


Robustness Guarantee
Indoor Air Quality Assurance
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Fire Protection


Gyproc is a world leader in ceilings, drywall and plastering solutions. As a market leader in India, Gyproc has been at the forefront of delivering solutions to many leading building projects across various sectors. This section is a collection of case studies of projects completed using Gyproc solutions.

Asian Heart Institute,Mumbai


Asian Heart Institute is one of India's premier cardiac care institutes located in the Bandra-Kurla complex, Mumbai. The project involved construction of 2 additional floors on top of a 5 storey building while the hospital was running at full capacity during the construction phase. The project had the restriction of an existing dead load and thus required a lightweight system for its internal partitions.

Project Highlights

The architects chose Gyproc 98mm & 123 mm Duraline drywall systems due to its light weight and severe duty rating. This allowed us to build 2 floors on Asian Heart Institute's existing structural design without any reinforcements. The construction of drywall is a clean, quick and quiet process. These crucial benefits helped us maintain the systematic functioning of the hospital without disturbing patient comfort during the construction phase.

Architect: Edifice Consultants Pvt. Ltd. 
Contractor: P S Art

Other Projects

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