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Glasroc H


Revolutionary Wet Area Gypsum Board

Gyproc Glasroc H board is the new generation plasterboard for wet area applications.Manufactured with GRG technology with glass fiber reinforced gypsum core and encased by special hydrophobic treated glass mat liners, Glasroc H provides excellent water resistance & mold resistance. It also retains its strength even in wet state..



Glasroc H is a paperless Gypsum Board which combines & incorporates

  • Gypsum core reinforced with glass fibers & 
  • Pre-coated glass mats on the surface of the board

The Glass reinforced gypsum (GRG) core provides water resistance properties & the glass mat surface repels water



Designed for Moisture-prone internal / semi exposed areas in

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Retail

Wherever high water & mold resistance is desired along with strength requirements even in wet state



Blue front & back surface finished with Glasmat


Manufacturing Standards

EN 15283-1 & Type GM-FH


Thermal Conductivity

0.3 (W/m°K )


Key Features & Benefits


High resistance to water and humidity

Offers high levels of tolerance and reduces the passage of water to other vulnerable parts of the structure

Vapour permeable to allow the structure to breath

Greater strength & acoustics

Partitions using Glasroc H can support tiling of weight up to 60 kg/m2 using a suitable tile adhesive

Glasroc H has higher density and mass than regular plasterboard provides enhanced acoustic performance

Lighter & Faster

Glasroc H is very light weight and can be handled & cut very easily than CalSi & Cement boards

It can be installed at twice the speed of cement board – without sacrificing moisture performance

Flexibility in finishing

Glasroc H inorganic surface is specially designed for tiling

Glasroc H can be jointed & finished to provide any decorative paint finish

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