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Gyproc Champion Putty is specially formulated gypsum-based putty that gives superior water resistance, preventing paint from flaking even when the walls are damp. It can be directly applied on a plastered surface and does not need primer before painting, saving both time and money.


  • High coverage putty (22-25 sft/kg)
  • Thick coats up to 4mm can be applied
  • Higher fineness (99% passing through 150 micron sieve)
  • Low heat of hydration because of gypsum base raw material
  • Suitable for all surface backgrounds


  • Saves time and money since no primer is required
  • No hand burns
  • Silky smooth finishes possible

Application instructions



Putty getting hard on application on walls and it is not providing required setting time?

The setting time of Champion putty is 180 minutes. However being gypsum based, it absorbs water from the substrate. Hence to get proper working it is advised to pre-wet the surface (not required for cement based putty). Pre-wetting the surface not only resolves the issue but also provide you with maximum coverage

What is the coverage of Champion putty?

The coverage of Champion putty is 800sq-ft/ 40kg bag at 1 mm thickness (under lab conditions)

How is Gyproc Champion Putty different than other putty?

Gyproc Champion Putty is a single product solution for smoothing all surfaces. It offers numerous advantages compared to the competition. These include:

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