Hotels today are often multifunctional, comprising space for offices, conferences, spas, restaurants and nightclubs as well as for guest accommodation. They produce inherently noisy environments and must cope

with a variety of acoustic challenges, such as containing sound from equipment and controlling reverberation in conference rooms, so that people can talk and be heard clearly.


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A Restful Leisure Space

Whether a person is travelling for business or pleasure, a sound night's sleep is crucial to his or her well-being.

Outside of home, the quality and hours of sleep are reduced and guests can be woken by the slightest sound. Noise can originate from outside the building, while modern accessories such as flat-panel TVs and mp3 players create inter-room challenges. Sleep disturbance typically results in irritability and disrupted routine, and can even affect guests' ability to concentrate when operating a vehicle or machinery— with potentially serious consequences.

Our acoustic solutions contribute to guest privacy and productive sleep patterns, while our absorptive product surfaces help to optimize speech intelligibility and reduce noise build-up in public spaces.

Benefits of Drywalls

Fire Protection
Acoustic Control
Robustness Guarantee
Superior Aesthetic & Design
Moisture Resistance


J.W. Marriott,New Delhi


J.W. Marriott is a 5 star luxury hotel with 550 rooms located just outside the T3 airport terminal in New Delhi. The key requirement for this project was a system which would help in constructing the project faster, with walls that delivered high performance in terms of acoustics and fire rating.

Project Highlights

Gyproc drywall systems were faster to construct as compared to traditional systems and helped the project to be completed on target. The project was completed at least 1 year earlier than if construction had been done using conventional construction. 200mm Gyproc drywall systems were used in guest rooms delivering 55 Rwdb of acoustic insulation and 60 minutes of fire rating. In wet areas Gyproc Fibre Cement board drywall systems were used.

Architect: C P Kukreja 
Contractor: AJMS

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