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Bosch,Bidadi, Karnataka


Bosch, a leading supplier of technology and services, was setting up its 5th manufacturing facility in Bidadi. The project required construction of partitions over height of 6 meter, while maintaining thickness of 150mm. The plan for the shopfloor required performance solutions for moisture resistance. Specific areas also required high material movement hence, performance solutions for impact resistance were important.

Project Highlights

Gyproc Drywall technology can be constructed into large heights while maintaining less thickness by altering the framework. Hence, it was the preferred choice to meet the specified requirements. Gyproc provided customized solution of 154mm of 2 layer of Gyproc® Moisture Resistant Board & Gyproc® Plain Board on either side of 0.9mm thick 92mm. The height of the partition was 6 meters, as required. Gyproc 122mm system of 2layer Gyproc® Duraline Board & Gyproc Plain Board on either side was installed in the admin area. 

Architect: SRSP India
Contractor: ARTIZEN

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