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A new revolution in the field of metal framing system. Armed with our unique Blue Metal Technology, the new GypFrame® PRIMA is well poised to provide you blazing fast speeds in completing your ceiling job.

Resulting from our relentless pursuit towards quality & excellence, we present you GypFrame® PRIMA. Utilizing our unique Blue Metal Technology, the new GypFrame® PRIMA boasts of a distinctive textured Matte Blue Finish which is bound to make you feel refreshed. Sculpted from the strongest steel for ceiling frames, designed with Laser precision and passed through multiple testing, the new GypFrame® PRIMA helps you finish your ceiling job with maximum speed and minimum wastage.

GypFrame® PRIMA consists of interchangeable components and a unique snap-fit bracket which enables up to 40% faster framing installation and up to 0% material wastage.

Prima Brochure Installation Guide
unique Blue Metal Technology


Prima Feature Icon


Now use Prima master section as both intermediate channel and ceiling section

Use Prima Ceiling Angle as both ceiling angle and perimeter channel

This results in increased efficiency by reducing wastage

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Click-to-lock mechanism

Using our new click-to-lock technology, now fix two master sections (one as intermediate and other as ceiling section) with just a click using our snap-fit bracket

No need to dismantle the complete framing in case of design change. Simply snap open the coupling bracket and freely move the channels to their appropriate positions

Less Components

No more fixing soffit cleats

No more hassles of using connecting clip or screws to fix intermediate channel and ceiling section together

No need to carry perimeter channels


Prima Benefit Icon

Upto 40% faster framing installation

Upto 0% material wastage



GypFrame® PRIMA Master Section

Gyproc PRIMA Master Section

Application: Main channel used both as intermediate channel and ceiling section.

Dimensions in (mm)
24 x 48 x 24 x 3660 x 0.45

GypFrame® PRIMA Master Angle

Gyproc PRIMA Ceiling Angle

Application: To hang ceiling from soffit and to support ceiling at periphery

Dimensions in (mm)
25 x 25 x 3660 x 0.45

GypFrame® PRIMA Perimeter Section

Gyproc PRIMA Perimeter Section

Application: (Optional component) – To fix around walls/partitions and support ceiling at periphery

Dimensions in (mm)
25 x 25 x 30 x 3660 x 0.45

GypFrame® PRIMA Coupling Bracket

Gyproc PRIMA Coupling Bracket

Application: Snap fit bracket used for connecting 2 master sections (i.e. one as intermediate and other as ceiling section)

Dimensions in (mm)
63.5 x 25.5 x 63.5 x 54 x 0.8

Application Area

Application Area

Designed to create plain as well as designer ceilings across all segments. GypFrame PRIMA enables builders & contractors to complete their framing installation up to 40% faster along with minimal wastage

GypFrame® PRIMA Installation video

GypFrame® PRIMA Installation video

Technical Details

Technical Details

Identification – Blue color channels with Gyproc branding

Manufacturing Standards - CR1 grade steel (IS 513)

Finish – AZ 70

GypFrame® PRIMA Perimeter Section - PDS GypFrame® PRIMA Master Section - PDS GypFrame® PRIMA Master Angle - PDS GypFrame® PRIMA Coupling Bracket - PDS



Time saving due to interchangeability of products. Work doesn’t get held up due to shortage of one type of product.

Faster installation of intermediate & ceiling section (i.e. 2 master sections) due to click-to-lock mechanism of coupling bracket.

Rework time saving in case of ceiling design change. The coupling bracket can be easily open and closed, allowing you to freely move the channels to their appropriate position without wasting any time.

New click-to-lock technique – Now Fix channels (2 master sections or in different terms, an intermediate & a ceiling section) easily by just a click with our new special Coupling Bracket. No connecting clip or screws required.

Please refer to our video to understand the installation process (click here) or alternatively, you can refer to our “How to Fix” section above

We have used special quality, high durable steel to manufacture our channels. The refreshing blue color and improved pattern provides strength and uniqueness to the product and makes it easier to identify as an original Gyproc product.

Because of interchangeability, there will be less wastage since you have to fit only 2 type of channels. The cut channel parts can also be easily utilized in other frames.

Yes, our channels are made of 0.45 mm thick CR-1 grade GI metal. They care coated with AZ70 coating along with a special polymeric resin which gives superior corrosion protection and makes them more durable than conventional metal grade. To support the channels ably, coupling bracket thickness has been selected as 0.8 mm with AZ150 coating.

The unique pattern on the channels also provides additional strength to the product

Currently, it is available in 4 cities (Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai & Pune)

Pan India launch from January 2021

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