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Designer False Ceiling Ideas & Designs for Kitchen

Changing the look and feel of the kitchen is no easy task. A modern kitchen needs to be trendy and sophisticated keeping clutter to a minimum. A truly timeless kitchen evokes a spirit of romance and timelessness. To have the right balance, the kitchen must have the perfect decor along with impeccable lighting conditions for that chef to come out.

In a traditional kitchen, the focus is always a lot on cabinets, storage, and walls but that has changed a lot over the years. It is therefore not a surprise that Designer false ceilings for the kitchen are in trend and homeowners are thinking of false ceilings while upgrading their homes. Unlike all the other rooms at home, the basic functionality of the kitchen is just one thing - cooking. The design and the materials of all the things need to be kept in accordance with the needs. A beautifully designed designer ceiling for kitchen can make your entire kitchen not just with food but also a style of its own.

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Ceilings – FAQ’s

An edge over traditional ceilings, gypsum false ceilings help decorate the room in beautiful designs and aid in concealing wires, soundproofing the room, deliver fire safety and energy efficiency and have moisture and sag resistance properties.

When deciding to opt for a kitchen ceiling design using false ceiling, the decor and lighting required in the kitchen should be kept in mind.

A kitchen false ceiling design that matches your kitchen decor and provides ample lighting is the best false ceiling for kitchen.

The height of the room, the lighting required and the layout for ceiling installation should be considered when designing kitchen false ceiling.

Installing a kitchen false ceiling is a good option when looking to make most of a small kitchen, as the pre-installed lights give you more space for shelves.

Kitchen false ceiling design can be done using gypsum, PoP, wood and other materials, depending on what goes with your decor.

A simple rubber sponge or a moist cloth is good enough to clean your mineral fiber false ceiling.

A kitchen false ceiling can be installed over your main ceiling using special metal installations.

A kitchen ceiling design requires very low maintenance. All you have to do is gently remove the dust on the ceiling using a cloth or broom.

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