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Designer False Ceiling Ideas & Designs For Bedroom

When you enter the bedroom, you want to leave the world behind and enter your safe haven. However, it can get very difficult to decorate the bedroom that makes you feel calm, organized and also help you relax and sleep without sacrificing your personal style and aesthetics.

Gone are the days with boring white ceilings for your home. Often ignored, the fifth wall can paint the perfect picture of your home and can elevate an ordinary bedroom to a designer one. Available in a variety of designs varying in length and pattern, Gyproc Designer False Ceilings gives your bedroom a beautiful sense of space and illumination requiring very little maintenance. Now add strength and character to your bedroom spaces giving you a feeling of comfort and luxury.

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Ceilings – FAQ’s

An edge over traditional ceilings, false ceilings help decorate the room in beautiful designs and aid in concealing wires, soundproofing the room, deliver fire safety and energy efficiency and have moisture and sag resistance properties.

A false ceiling design for bedroom costs between INR 75-120 per sq/ft, depending on the design and the thickness of the board being used for the false ceiling.

False ceiling designs for bedroom look good with any size bedroom. All one has to do is choose a design that matches with room decor.

A false ceiling is a good addition to any room. It helps with the acoustics of the bedroom and also helps lower the temperature of the room. A bedroom false ceiling helps reduce the electricity bill and has fire resistant and water repellent properties.

The major benefits of installing a false ceiling for bedroom is lowered room temperature and better cooling along with the aesthetic appeal.

A false ceiling design for bedroom is a good addition as it improves the acoustics, has fire and water resistant properties and also helps maintain the temperature of the room.

A latest ceiling design for bedroom that matches with the decor would look best for your bedroom.

No, since a bedroom ceiling design requires special light installations, the traditional bedroom lights such as tube lights cannot be used in a new ceiling.

A bedroom ceiling design should be chosen keeping in mind the decor of the room.

A bedroom ceiling can be designed into a vaulted ceiling bedroom by installing diagonal gypsum boards or wooden slats. A vaulted ceiling allows natural light into the room and also makes the room look taller.

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