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GYPROC® Habito
Standard board

GYPROC® Habito
Standard board

GYPROC® Habito
Standard board

Hang Anything on the Habito Wall, With Upto 15kg Point Load
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Gyproc® Habito® Standard Board

consists of Calcium sulphate dihydrate encased in paper liners, with glass fibers and other additives. Gyproc® Habito® Standard Board is specially designed to give flexibility of loading anywhere on the drywall to utilise space in a fast and functional way

The Habito Standard board

is Revolutionary Gypsum Board for superior Strength, Loading & Acoustics performance. With direct loading capabity of upto 15Kg on a single woodscrew, they are the ideal way to adapt living spaces to current and future needs.

13mm Gyproc Habito Standard plasterboard features a high strength engineered core which provides enhanced levels of strength, durability and fixability.

Habito Standard Brochure
Gyproc Habito Board to to fix heavy and difficult items

Technical Details

Technical Details


13 mm



1220 mm

1220 mm


1830 mm

2440 mm

Edge Type



Board Colour

Front Side - Yellow coloured paper

Reverse Side - Brown coloured paper


IS 2095 - Part 1(Type D,F,R2)

EN 520 – Type D,F,I,R ASTM C473/1396 Class 1 as per BS 476 -7

Thermal Conductivity

0.24 (W/m0K)

Product Data Sheet
Gyproc Habito Board Standard

Features & Benefits

Gyproc Habito Board for Drywalls

Direct Loading Upto 15Kg on a single No.10 woodscrew

High Impact Resistance

Habito Icon

Superior Acoustics

Habito Icon

Fire Resistance

Habito Icon

100 % Recyclable

Application Area

Application Area

Designed for use in the Residential, Healthcare, Education,
Commercial, Hospitality & Retail Sectors. Gyproc Habito Standard enables end users to fix heavy and
difficult items such as shelves, curtain poles and TVs, etc. onto the wall without any need
for drills or specialist fixings; simply screw straight into the wall.

How to Fix

How to Fix

Step 1

Gyproc Habito Board Fixing Step 1

Decide where to fix the wall, ensuring to check for substrates, pipes and electrical cables. Measure and mark out where you need to screw.

Step 2

Gyproc Habito Board Fixing Step 2

Take a standard 5mm 10 number wood screw, and screw directly into your marked areas on the wall with a screwdriver.

Step 3

Gyproc Habito Board Fixing Step 3

Hang your fixture on the screw or brackets. Step back, and admire your handiwork.

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