Gypsteel ultra framing system

Gypsteel Ultra®
Framing System

Gypsteel Ultra® Advantage

Gypsteel ULTRA® metal components and accessories come with the assurance of quality from Gyproc. Gypsteel ULTRA® is manufactured through a cold rolled pre-forming process that locally work-hardens the base material, and provides great strength to the false ceiling and drywall systems.

Gypsteel ULTRA® is made of special high-performance steel that undergoes stringent quality checks and controls to ensure correct and consistent base material for further profiling. The steel comes in rolled coils to maintain the proper thickness throughout its length. Quality checks ensure correct selection of material for strength and corrosion resistance.

Advantages of Gypsteel ULTRA®

Advantages of Gypsteel ULTRA®

Gypsteel ULTRA® advantages include

  • Increased load carrying capacity of as high as 36%
  • Improved screw retention of 17% and increased spring tension of 30%.
  • The unique pattern improves sound insulation by 10% and fire resistance by 33%.

Installation benefits

  • Faster, safer and easier to install and cut
  • Increased friction fitting
  • No screw stripping or screw riding
  • Sight lines on flanges for more precise joints
  • Improved productivity and quality
  • Tighter stud to track friction fitting
  • Improved safety by reducing sharp edges and lips

Gypsteel Ultra® Product Video