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habito board

Direct Screwing on the Habito Board

habito board

Hang Anything on the Habito Board Using No-10 Woodscrew

habito board

Hang Anything on the Habito Wall, With Upto 30kg Point Load

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Gyproc Habito board

is Revolutionary Gypsum Board specially designed to give flexibility of loading anywhere on the wall to utilize space in a fast and functional way. Gyproc walls made from Habito boards are strong and durable, have good sound-insulation qualities and are more user friendly than traditional walls. As a result, they are the ideal way to adapt living spaces to current and future needs.

12.5mm Gyproc Habito plasterboard features a high strength engineered core which provides enhanced levels of strength, durability and fixability.

Habito Brochure Installation Guide
Gyproc Habito Board to to fix heavy and difficult items

Features & Benefits

Gyproc Habito Board for Drywalls

Mounting TV , Shelves and Curtain rods becomes easy and convenient.

No pre-drilling, support plates/ply, wall anchors or special fasteners.

Mounting TV to shelves and curtain rods becomes easy and convenient

Plasterboard with higher durability and impact resistance

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Tested in accordance to BS EN ISO 10140-2:2010

Upto 43dB sound insulation from system with single layer of Habito

Application Area

Application Area

Designed for use in the Residential, Healthcare, Education,
Commercial, Hospitality & Retail Sectors. Gyproc Habito enables end users to fix heavy and
difficult items such as shelves, curtain poles and TVs, etc. onto the wall without any need
for drills or specialist fixings; simply screw straight into the wall.

How to Fix

How to Fix

Step 1

Gyproc Habito Board Fixing Step 1

Decide where to fix the wall, ensuring to check for substrates, pipes and electrical cables. Measure and mark out where you need to screw.

Step 2

Gyproc Habito Board Fixing Step 2

Take a standard 5mm 10 number wood screw, and screw directly into your marked areas on the wall with a screwdriver.

Step 3

Gyproc Habito Board Fixing Step 3

Hang your fixture on the screw or brackets. Step back, and admire your handiwork.

Technical Details

Technical Details


12.5 mm


1220 mm


2440 mm

Edge Type



Ivory face paper

Brown reverse side paper

Manufacturing Standards

Complies with EN 520 – Type A,D, R, I

Thermal Conductivity

0.24 (W/m°K )

Product Data Sheet
Gyproc Habito Board


Fixing Objects to Your Habito Wall




Habito uses patent (s) pending technology to provide you with inbuilt fixing performance in a plasterboard.

On a single layer Habito wall, A no. 10 wood screw will provide a safe working load (SWL) of up to 30kg per screw (safety factor of 2). We recommend that you follow the manufacturer’s guidance as to the number of fixtures required to mount a fixture.

Example: If a TV weighs 30kg with its bracket and the bracket accepts four fixings, you should use four screws, even though this provides 120kg safe working load.

No. We recommend that a standard single thread No.10, 5mm wood screw to be used. Fixings with cross threads for chipboard will reduce fixing performance. You also need to ensure the wood screw does not have a threadless shank. The length of the screw used should be sufficient to pass through the fixture being mounted and through the board. Be aware of the substrate the board is fixed to and always check for pipes and electrical cables prior to fixing.

150mm Recommended.

A variety of different load types are possible , so it is vital to assess the suitability for a project.

No, Habito is recommended in dry areas only.

For loading requirements in wet areas pls contact us.

Yes, the fixing capability on each screw will vary if number of layers of habito change.

Habito layer system

We state that Habito has a safe working load of 30kg when used with a no.10 wood screw. The safe working load is calculated by this fixings failure point divided by a factor of two.

Fixing screws can be taken out, and then screwed back into the same hole without decrease in pull out performance. This is because, when first screwed a thread is formed within gypsum core. Re-inserting using this thread therefore has the same performance.

A variety of different load types are possible , so it is vital to assess the suitability for a project.

Gyproc habito board load capacity infographic

Same as tiling procedure applicable for any standard paper – faced gypsumboard, Habito will hold tiling system upto 32 kg/m2 (inclu. Adhesive & grout).

Yes laminate can be fixed on habito wall, we recommend using Rubber based adhesive.

Same as any other Gypsum board as recommended under Gyproc guidelines of Jointing & Finishing.

Yes, Habito is GRIHA & IGBC Greenpro certified

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