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Gyproc Easi-Fill®90 Jointing Compound

Gypsum based powdered jointing compound with a setting time of 90 to 120 minutes

Easi-Fill 90 PDS
Gyproc Easi-Fill®90 Jointing & Finishing Compound for Gypsum Boards


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Gyproc Easi-Fill®90 is gypsum based powdered jointing compound with a setting time of 90 to 120 minutes.
Gyproc Easi-Fill®90 is designed for Quick Jointing & Finishing of gypsum Boards.

Weight: 10 Kg & 20 Kg Bag. Water to Powder Ratio 1:2

Process of Jointing & Finishing

Technical Details

Technical Details

Parameters Specification
Minimum Maximum
Appearance Smooth white powder
Whiteness(through whiteness meter) >85
Dry Bulk Density, Kg/m3 1000 1200
Passing through 150 micron 99%
pH 7 9
Water Gauge(Water to powder ratio) 45 55

Selecting the correct product for an application can save you time and money while jointing plasterboards.

  • For filling joints and bedding tapes, a product which 'fills' the gap and dries quickly is required, so that further processes can be done immediately. Easi-Fill®90 is recommended for its quick-setting nature
  • Easi-Fill®90 can be used for the second coat too, depending on the finish desired
  • An air-drying product is required for the finishing coat. Use Pro-Fill® or Pro-Top® Ready Mix Jointing Compound All Purpose for an excellent finish of the joint
  • Easi-Fill®90 is recommended for repairing joints and treating drilled holes for utilities
  • Gyproc Joint Paper Tape is recommended for the best crack-resistance performance and fire-rated partitions and ceilings
  • Gyproc Drywall Joint Tape (Fibre Tape) is recommended for quick jointing of plasterboards
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Product Selection

Product Name Product Type Application Recommendation
Bedding Tape Filling Coat Finishing Coat Repair
Gyproc Easi-Fill® Setting Powder Yellow Dot Image
Gyproc Pro-Fill® Air-Drying Powder
Gyproc Pro-Top® Air-Drying Ready Mix Yellow Dot Image Yellow Dot Image Red Dot Icon
Highly Recommended Recommended Yellow Dot Image Can be Used Red Dot Icon Not Recommended

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