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Introducing our newly launched framing system Gypframe® MegastilTM with Superior Strength & Enhanced Durability. The all new Gypframe® MegastilTM is the perfect solution to the innovative ceiling installation needs. By carefully perfecting the aspects of ceiling frame requirement, Gypframe® MegastilTM shines at the top by delivering high quality performance.

Gypframe Megastil comes with a unique patented pattern and design. It has Gyproc brand assurance which offers seamless ceiling installation with superior performance and better value.

Gypframe® MegastilTM Offers

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Gyproc Assurance

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Consistent Quality

Higher Load Bearing Capacity

Superior Component Dimension

Superior Corrosion Resistant

Heavier Sections


GypFrame® MegaStilTM Ceiling Section

Dimensions in (mm)
0.45 x 76 x 20 x 42 x 3660

GypFrame® MegaStilTM Intermediate Section

Dimensions in (mm)
0.7 x 15 x 45 x 15 x 3660

GypFrame® MegaStilTM Ceiling Angle

Dimensions in (mm)
0.45 x 25 x 10 x 3660

GypFrame® MegaStilTM Perimeter Channel

Dimensions in (mm)
0.45 x 20 x 21.5 x 30 x 3660

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