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Gypsum Board - Gyproc® Plain Board

Ease of Finish

Gypboard® Plain is a cost effective Plasterboard for standard performance and used as best substrate where SEAMLESS FINISH is required.

Gypboard® Plain

is the ultimate solution for today’s buildings, providing cost effective Partition, False ceiling & Drylining performance to help create modern internal environments that enable comfort and safety for occupants.

Product Application

Best to use for Walls, Ceiling, Corridors and Auditoria, in buildings as diverse as Offices, Schools, Hospitals and Residences.

gypsum board

Technical Details


Gypboard® Plain is standard gypsum boards used in Drywall, False ceiling & Drylining application to form seamless surface.

Drywall is high performance lightweight interior wall system consisting of a GI steel frame, encased in gypsum plasterboards on either side attached with self-drilling drywall screws. The joints are then taped and finished with gypsum jointing compounds. Gypsum boards are part of drywall.

Gypboard® Plain is for dry application. We offer Moisture Resistant (Gyproc Moisture Reistant) & Water Resistant (Gyproc Glasroc H) Gypsum Boards for wet area walls & ceilings

Fire Resistance is performance parameter of entire wall or ceiling system. However, Gypsum boards by its chemistry (inherent water molecules) are fire retardant & Gypboard® plain is Class 1 material as per BS 476 Part7.

For Requirement More than 60 minutes fire rating we recommend Gyproc Fireline Board.

Painting, fixing wall paper, laminate, veneer etc. is possible on Gypsum board surface.

Gypboard® Plain does not have direct load carrying capacity (point load) using regular woodscrews to mount objects on drywall.

However, loading is possible using cavity toggles in line with standard guidelines for all gypsum boards. Pls refer Habito Board (for direct loading on drywall).

The minimum bend radius of gypsum board varies depending on board thickness and type. 12.5mm Gypboard Plain can be curved to a minimum radius of 3600mm and 15mm to 4800mm. For more details pls contact us.

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