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Fireline Board

Fire Rated Walls for Spaces with High Fire Protection

Fireline Board

Gyproc Systems help you protect your interior spaces by restricting spread of fire through passive fire protection systems

Fireline Board

Fire Rated Walls for Spaces with High Fire Protection

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Stay Safe from Fire

Gyproc® Fireline Board

is gypsum based interior Wall & Ceiling product used in areas where High Fire Resistance Performance is required to restrict fire to pass from one side of wall to the other side.

Gyproc® Fireline Board’s gypsum core incorporates glass fibers & other fire resistive additives that are encased & firmly bonded to strong pink colored paper liners.

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Product Application

Suitable for Application where High Level of Fire Protection is required from 60 minutes to 240 minutes across all segments.

Gyproc Fireproof Board for Drywalls & Ceilings

Features & Benefits

Technical Details


  • Gyproc® Fireline Board is engineered to provide High fire resistance when used in partition, ceiling or encasement solution. Class 1 material (Limited combustibility & surface spread of flame) – as per BS 476 Part 4,6,7

Fire resistance performance is based on complete systems such as a partition, wall, ceiling membrane or encasement of beam & column, therefore plasterboard cannot be considered on their own in terms of fire resistance.

Fire Rating (Resistance to Fire) solution of system built with Fireline board is:

Partition /Wall – upto 240 minutes

Ceiling – Upto 120 minutes

Beam & Column encasement – upto 120minutes

To know more : visit Fire Protection under Building Sciences

We offer the Gypliner Metal system with Fireline boards to form an encasement around the beam or column. The solution is customized depending on the section factor of the steel & required fire rating. To know more pls contact us.

For Requirement More than 60 minutes fire rating we recommend Gyproc Fireline Board.

Gyproc Fireline board can be used in areas where there is need of High Fire protection (more than 60 minutes of Fire Resistance) such as Industrial premise, Data centers & server rooms, Hospitals, Hotel Access points & corridors, Multiplex & Residential segment.

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