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Office Spaces

According to the OECD, the average number of hours worked on an annual basis is approximately 1,750.

Ensuring that this time is spent in a productive and pleasant place of business is an imperative for companies if they wish to retain their best people and be successful. This results in a strong need for usage of building materials that aid occupant centric design in the interiors of commercial spaces

Gyproc False ceiling, drywall, plastering solutions for Offices

A Productive Business Space

It is well known that a company’s best asset is its people and, consequently, that any improvements in their work performance is ultimately to its benefit.

Recent studies indicate that noise pollution in offices is one of the main reasons that contribute to poor workplace productivity. Studies have also shown that trying to perform knowledge-based tasks in a densely occupied office space are difficult and productivity can be hampered.

Design should ensure minimal sound transmission between rooms to ensure privacy. Interior materials should absorb excess sound to improve communication and reduce noise related distraction.

With regards to closed spaces and offices, Gyproc® False Ceilings play a crucial role in sound absorption and transmission. In closed spaces, the main function of a Ceiling is to limit the transmission of sound between adjacent rooms, especially when these spaces share a common plenum. Gyproc® Drywall systems ensure adequate employee privacy is maintained. Our Ecophon and Gyptone range absorptive product surfaces help to optimize speech intelligibility and reduce noise build-up in public spaces.

A Healthy Business Space

Stringent health and safety regulations put the onus on employers to guarantee good indoor air quality for workers.

Our innovative Activ’Air technology in Plasterboards minimizes the threat of those volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are habitually found in the workplace atmosphere. This results in cleaner air and healthier working conditions.

A Secure Business Space

Wherever there is a large mass of people gather under one roof, the threat of fire is of serious concern.

Passive fire protection of internal partitions is critical for the fire safety concept of a building. Gypsum is incombustible and protects against fire.

The spread of fire within a building can be restricted by sub-dividing it into compartments separated from one another by walls and/or floors of fire resisting construction.

Our Gypsum-based Drywall and Ceiling solutions ensure that the best possible fire protection measures are inbuilt into the structure of your building, helping to contain and prevent the spread of fire and damage to its structure and occupants.

The objectives are two fold:

to prevent rapid fire spread which could trap occupants in the building
to reduce the chances of fires becoming large, which are more dangerous not only to occupants and fire service personnel, but also to people in the vicinity of the building.

A Professional Business Space

Our Gyproc® plasterboards guarantee freedom in design and provide seamless and crack-free surfaces of the highest smoothness.

Gyproc Drywalls and ceilings with superior design flexibility and seamless finish enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the interior spaces

A Sustainable Business Space

Businesses these days are far more conscientious when it comes to their responsibilities towards the environment. They know that their people and premises can leave an indelible mark on it if they are not careful.

At Saint-Gobain Gyproc®, we pride ourselves in striving to be the reference point in sustainable habitats by creating all of our products and conducting all of our activities with sustainability at their core. We are only too happy to partner with you in establishing business spaces which meet the highest possible standards of sustainability. Our plasterboard is 100% recyclable into new plasterboard or soil conditioner. The installation of Gyproc® systems uses less water when compared to traditional brick and block construction


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