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FRMR Board
(Fire & Moisture Resistant)

Fire Rated Walls for Spaces with High Fire Safety & Protection against Moisture
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Fireproof Moist Zones

Gyproc® FRMR Board (Fire & Moisture Resistant)

is gypsum based product for interior Wall & Ceiling applications used in areas where High Fire & Moisture Resistance Performance is required. The purpose to restrict fire to pass from one side of wall to the other side, also can sustain in moisture prone areas.

Gyproc® FRMR Board’s gypsum core incorporates glass fibers & other fire resistive additives that are encased & firmly bonded to strong pink & green colored paper liners.

Product Application

For walls designed to protect occupants & data from Fire & Moisture, such as Server Rooms, Data Centers. Walls that divide dry & wet space where fire is critical, Kitchens & Laundry etc.

Gyproc Fireproof Board for Drywalls & Ceilings

Features & Benefits

Technical Details


FRMR performs dual purpose of Fire protection & resistance against moisture. Ideal for wall applications that divide wet space from dry spaces or those spaces that are exposed to moisture.

Total Water absorption of FRMR Board is less than 5% (Type H1) as per EN 520.

Tiles is possible of upto 32kg/m2

FRMR Board is available in 12.5mm & 15mm with dimensions of 8ft by 4tf & 6ft x 4tf.

Fire Rating (Resistance to Fire) solution of system built with FRMR board is:

Partition /Wall – upto 240 minutes

Ceiling – Upto 120 minutes

Beam & Column encasement – upto 120 minutes

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