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Designer False Ceiling Ideas & Designs for Kid’s Room

What did your room look like when you were a kid? Well, we are assuming it must have not been as creative or uber as you see in today’s day and age. The bedrooms of the children need to be made with a vision often inspired by characters and movies. For an amazing kids’ room, it takes the right balance of childlike imagination and adult practicality.

Most of the time, we often get busy thinking about themes, decor, colors, and in the process, we completely miss out on one thing - the ceiling. It is of paramount importance for us to piece together an important part of the puzzle and have a look again at our kids’ bedroom ceilings. For a true and completely magical experience, the ceiling plays a pivotal role in bringing out the room in full glory. Gyproc Designer False Ceilings help bring out the true character of the room by achieving a brilliant multi-colored lighting fixture with an engaging and playful aura. It’s time to soak in the brilliance of that eclectic design and for your kids to wander off in their dreamland.

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Ceilings – FAQ’s

An edge over traditional ceilings, gypsum false ceilings help decorate the room in beautiful designs and aid in concealing wires, soundproofing the room, deliver fire safety and energy efficiency and have moisture and sag resistance properties.

Gypsum boards are used in kids room false ceilings designs as they are easily moldable and can be given any shape as per requirement.

Yes, gypsum boards are environmentally friendly and leave no dust, which is ideal for false ceiling designs for kids rooms.

A false ceiling design for kids bedroom costs between INR 75-120 per sq/ft, depending on the design and the thickness of the board being used for the ceiling.

A gypsum false ceiling lets you choose any design for the kids room, whilst being completely environmentally friendly.

Gypsum boards would be the best option when designing your kids room false ceiling since it can be moulded into any design, leaves no dust and is environmentally friendly.

A gypsum false ceiling would be the best kids room false ceiling design since it can be moulded into any design, leaves no dust and is environmentally friendly.

A kids room false ceiling can be installed on top of the main ceiling using metal accessories. The installation process is quick and dust-free leaving back only beautiful designs.

A false ceiling made using gypsum board would be the most durable option for a kids room due to its design flexibility, longevity and zero maintenance.

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