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Gyproc Plater Levelline

Gyproc Levelline CT Corner is a special corner bead composed of polymer core with built-in flexible hinge that fits to any inside or outside corner angle on drywall or ceiling.

Gyproc Levelline has uniform and structural bond due to its paper backing. Gyproc Levelline is perfect for any internal or external corners, bay windows and archways because it easily adjusts to all angles. It also eliminates pre-measuring and pre-creasing, saving valuable installation time. Fix Gyproc Levelline using Gyproc Jointing Compound with a taping knife to get the perfect corner.

Levelline PDS
Gyproc Levelline


Impact Resistance

Gyproc Levelline corner bead provides extra tough & straight drywall corner that withstand severe impacts & settling.


High strength co-polymer core of Gyproc levelline offers string and uniform surface which prevents cracks, blows and dents.

Easy To Install

Gyproc Levelline is quick, safe and easy to install due to its metal-free composition. It can be installed using the same method as traditional corner tape.


Memory-free hinge can hold the desired angle and makes it easy to adjust for both internal and external corners.

No Taping-Out

Gyproc Levelline made with special formulated surface that accepts any jointing compound and resist abrasion.

No Rusting

Gyproc Levelline CT corner core made of paper and polymer so there is no chance of rusting.

Installation Instructions

step 1

Step 1 to install levelline CT corner

Open the Gyproc Levelline box and feed the product through the slot on the side. Insert the hook of the tape measure into the narrow slot to measure the length of Gyproc Levelline required.

step 2

Step 2 to install levelline CT corner

Cut to the desired length with light duty snips or scissor. Its metal-free composition makes cutting safer and easier.

step 3

Step 3 to install levelline CT corner

With any appropriate taping knife, apply Gyproc Jointing compound to both sides of the corner.

step 4

Step 4 to install levelline CT corner

Once applied, press Gyproc Levelline into position. Remove the excess jointing compound with a taping knife and let it dry.

step 5

Step 5 to install levelline CT corner

Use an appropriate finishing tool to skim over the edges of the corner and let it dry.

step 6

Step 6 to install levelline CT corner

Once dry, sand and finish the corner.


Levelline Corner Protection

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