Add elegance to your workspaces

Add elegance to your workspaces

Leaving behind the woes of the past year, as normalcy resumes in most parts of the world, so do the normal offices. While people are excited to get back to their desks and work besties, there is still a lingering fear of the pandemic that clawed its space in everyone’s mind. While the fear may take a few months, even years to dissipate from everyone’s minds, there are a few things that the management can do to make the employees feel more welcomed and safer.

A small “Welcome Back” hamper or a team lunch may do the welcoming bit, but when it comes to the safety bit, an added effort will be required on the management’s part. Decor changes that help in seating with social distancing will be the safety bit that will have to be done for the offices resuming work.

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The easiest way to go about it would be by installing gypsum drywall partitions, to convert desks into small cubicles that help bring in the social distancing factor and are safe and easy to install as well. Converting one single desk into smaller cubicles using such gypsum drywall partitions will not only bring in the safety factor but also the privacy factor when an employee wants a little quiet to get something done.

Opting for a false ceiling will also help bring in the latest ceiling designs to your workspace along with adding security, unlike the brick and cement ceilings. Due to the number of benefits that come in with the newest designer ceilings, a lot of commercial spaces and offices have started to opt for these gypsum board-based ceilings for their spaces.

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These newest designer ceilings are good for office spaces not only for the beauty aspect that they add to the space but also for the functionality they bring in. The latest ceiling design is made using gypsum boards, which is a natural ore, and unlike cement and bricks, doesn’t release any harmful toxins into the space it’s installed in. The ceilings have water repellent and fire-resistant properties that help keep the space safe in case of any mishap.

Due to their intrinsic properties, gypsum drywall partitions and ceiling boards also help keep the space cooler in summers, which in turn helps the employees stay more comfortable and focused. The latest ceiling design also helps the place look more presentable for client meetings and requires low to zero maintenance and hence is a very feasible option for offices.


Giving you the liberty to choose your own design, color, pattern, and finish, the newest designer ceilings are what every office space is opting for in current times. Considering it not only brings in beauty and functionality but also a safety aspect to help the employees feel at peace in such turbulent times

Apart from office spaces, a number of hotels have also started opting for the newest designer ceilings to deck up their rooms, lobbies as well as banquet halls. These gypsum drywall partitions help in quicker and easier construction and look quite good. These boards give a clean finish with an attractive look to the rooms as well as ceilings. Adding a factor of sound insulation, these gypsum drywall partitions help arrange parties or any ceremony without any disturbance to those outside the room and help in better sound distribution throughout the room.


When it comes to office spaces, these gypsum drywall partitions are also ideal to make cabins into an open office space, due to easy installation and sound insulating properties which help the person inside the cabin focus with ease.

As the employees return to offices and with normalcy returning to everyone’s lives, a little revamp to your space will do only good. The newest designer ceilings will add the beauty factor to your spaces and the addition of gypsum drywall partitions will make the employees feel more thought about in terms of safety. These small gestures on part of the management will help them feel more comfortable and a part of the family and help them focus better on the work front which will help in the development of the company.


So, for those companies still contemplating whether or not to go ahead with the installation of the latest ceiling design or gypsum drywall partitions for their office spaces, go ahead with the decision and we promise you won’t regret it. Plus, your employees’ safety is also taken care of which is extremely important, coming out of a global pandemic.