Design a happy room for your child

Design a happy room for your child

Childhood is all about colors, enjoyment, and dreamy thoughts. Whenever we think about childhood, we go back to the intense ‘I Spy’ games, fun-filled painting sessions, a tea-party with friends, or a serious car race.

As the study suggests, childhood is a very integral part of an individual’s life and make a huge impact on how their mind develops as well. A delightful and dreamy abode helps them lose themselves in their little world of imagination. Design their spaces as per the activities they like and you might just be raising the next Picasso or Dhoni!

A space that is their own to call and decked up in their favorite colors and designs is all a kid wants. They don’t care how aesthetic space looks or about that vintage study desk you think might suit their room. All they care about is a bed through which they slip into their dreamland and ample space to explore their talents and play.

A good kids room ceiling design, bedroom design, and room layout can make much more difference than you can imagine. Want to design a happy and lively space for your kids as well? Allow us to give you some tips!

Colorfully beaming spaces

1. Colorfully beaming spaces

Swatches of bright colors make adults happy too, imagine what effect it would have on a child? Smear your kid’s room with bright and beautiful colors which put a smile on their face as soon as they wake up. Adding colors that your child likes are known to increase their productivity and help in academic progress. So color your way to a tranquil atmosphere for your zealous geniuses. Add their favorite colors or some contrasting color as a part of your kid’s bedroom false ceiling to create a juxtaposition of colors they fall in love with.

Race Cars and fairytales

2. Race Cars and fairytales

Vroom….the cars rush by or the fairies sprinkle their fairy dust over your kids. Doesn’t it all sound just magical? Imagine how magical it would look if decorated on your kid’skid’s bedroom false ceiling. Bringing all your kid’s fandoms to reality, decorate their rooms with goodies and objects which match their personalities. Be it one of the looney tunes or a hardcore cricket or wrestling fandom, let your child’s room be their canvas of expression. Doing your kid’s bedroom ceiling design lets them look at all their favorite characters every day and night as they slip into a sweet slumber.

More space to play

3. More space to play

Using a high-rise bed or a bunk-bed with an attached study desk is an interesting way to save space when it comes to the kids’ bedrooms. Giving your child more space to play and explore themselves is the perfect way to let them grow. Opting for a kid’s bedroom false ceiling will also help avoid the hanging tube-lights by replacing them with built-in lights and allow them to play ball without the risk of breaking anything.

Multi-use furniture, all the way

4. Multi-use furniture, all the way

Instead of cramming your kid’s bedroom with too many pieces of furniture, opt for multi-use furniture that serves the purpose it is supposed and even more, along with helping save space. A high-rise bed with space underneath will give them the perfect slumber space as well as their play area, right under the bed! A kid’s room ceiling design has to be kept in mind as well as it is something that the kids look up to every night. Using hanging ceiling lights that are usually a part of a kid’s bedroom false ceiling helps play the role of a light source as well as a cute night lamp for the kids.

Playroom within the room

5. Playroom within the room

A quirky hammock swing or a cute slide for your kids to slide down from can be an addition that can be done to your kid’s room as well. A sturdy kid’s room ceiling design will help keep these additions in place and ensure your child’s safety along with constant mirth on their face.

A different and unique yet personal space is every human being’s dream, be it an adult or your little one. So why not give them that unique space with their touch of personal? A few additions to your kids’ spaces, kid’s room ceiling designs, and the decor can bring about massive changes in how they look at their room.

A personalized space makes them look at their room like their safe haven, a whimsical kid’s bedroom false ceiling will help them slip into a snug and dreamy slumber and an added area to play will leave them in awe of their room. Making a few small changes in the decor and the kid’s room ceiling designs will go a long way in making your kid love their bedroom.