Designer Ceilings; functional décor for modern day homes

Designer Ceilings functional décor for modern day homes

Designing your house in the most beautiful manner is what everyone wants, irrespective of the size of the house. Your home is the dreamland that you should love to come back to every day and should be designed for your tastes and should enrich the space. Today’s modern households have undergone tremendous change when it comes to designs, paints, and especially ceilings. The once ignored fifth wall when it came to home décor, has now become a medium through which you express yourself and give your spaces something you love to look up to. Today with an array of designs and patterns that designers ceilings have to offer, the household feels spoiled with the number of choices and makes the designer ceilings an imperative part of the house makeover.

A false ceiling has grown to become one of the most liked and ceiling solutions when talking about hall ceiling or bedroom ceiling design. Almost every other house has installed a false ceiling in its space due to the number of advantages that the false ceiling designs carry with them. When designing a false ceiling, the designer or the home owner’s imagination gets free rein to shape it in a way they deem fit due to the design flexibility that comes with a false ceiling. A false ceiling can be made from different products such as gypsum, PoP (Plaster of Paris), wood, fiber, etc, each of these materials have their properties and advantages attached to it. Out of all these materials, “Gypsum” is the most liked and used material in designing a false ceiling for modern homes due to its design flexibility and clean finish. Apart from these two, a gypsum ceiling has many other advantages attached to it.

A gypsum false ceiling is made out of gypsum which is a natural material and hence is eco-friendly. A gypsum ceiling also has fire-resistant and water repellent properties which makes it one of the safest options to install as a living room ceiling, bedroom ceiling, and especially for kids' room ceiling. The safety factor is extremely appealing when looking to design a family home.

A gypsum false ceiling is being chosen not only by homeowners but is the most sought after choice for a ceiling solution by architects and designers as well, due to the low maintenance and the dust-free aspect that these false ceilings bring with them. Apart from the functionality aspect that comes with a gypsum false ceiling, its products and solutions significantly enhance the visuals of your room making it look a class apart and unique with its smooth and elegant finish. These false ceilings offer a style statement that reflects one’s personality presenting an elegant and smooth finish to the spaces. For those thinking of installing a gypsum false ceiling as part of their living room ceiling or bedroom ceiling, here are the advantages that your house gets when you invest in a false ceiling:

Beautiful designs

1. Beautiful designs

When a false ceiling is installed as a part of living room ceiling or bedroom ceiling design, you can design it as per your imagination. You can choose from thousands of designs and adorn your space, your way. Geometric, modern or vintage, whatever your taste, Gyproc has a false ceiling for one and all!

Hide ‘em wires

2. Hide ‘em wires

No matter how beautiful the decor of your house is or how subtle yet eccentric your paint choices are, hanging wires can ruin every space just by their presence. Hide these wires completely and give your hall ceiling a clean finish by opting for a false ceiling. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns that you love for your spaces.

Quick construction

3. Quick construction

As compared to a traditional ceiling, a false ceiling does not require as much construction time. Since a gypsum false ceiling is designed out of pre-made gypsum boards, all that needs to be done is hinge installation and board installation and your beautiful false ceiling will be ready.

Light it up

4. Light it up

When it comes to lighting, it makes all the difference in the space. Lighting decisions can make or break the decor of a space. When opting for a false ceiling, you get pre-installed lights which you can choose what pattern you want it to be installed in. If bright spaces are what you want then recessed lights are the way to go and if hanging lights are something you like then suspended lightings can be installed along with your gypsum false ceiling.

Fire and water protection

5. Fire and water protection

A gypsum ceiling is one of the safest ceiling options due to fire resistant and water repellent properties. Gypsum being a natural element does not catch fire and has properties that are water and sag resistant, thus giving you a clean and beautiful false ceiling for years.


6. Energy-efficient

A gypsum false ceiling has heat resistant properties, which helps cool the room quicker and cuts down on air conditioning cost. Additionally, due to LED installations done as a part of the false ceiling, the electricity consumed by these lights is lesser thus reducing the electricity bill further.

Acoustically sound

7. Acoustically sound

A gypsum false ceiling, being made out of gypsum boards has sound insulation properties. Due to this property, when a gypsum false ceiling is installed in any space, that space becomes acoustical sound and the people living inside do not get bothered by any sort of sounds being made in their surroundings.

Long-lasting beauty

8. Long-lasting beauty

A gypsum false ceiling can last decades due to the durability of gypsum. It gives an added beauty to your living room ceiling design or bedroom ceiling design. Due to its water-resistant properties, the false ceiling stays unaffected by water or leakage as well and looks just as beautiful years after installation.

When it comes to your dream home, no compromise should be made. While the walls and the decor is always considered the main aspect of a space, a trendy and functional false ceiling has many benefits attached to it as opposed to sticking with the traditional ceiling option. While most designers and architects recommend using a gypsum false ceiling for the beauty aspect of it, the functional aspects of the ceilings surpass it.

A gypsum false ceiling is fire and water-resistant, acoustically sound, hides wires and lopsided ceilings help conserve electricity, and are quick to construct. With loads of benefits attached to it, installing a gypsum false ceiling in your house means safeguarding the health and beauty of your home. Choose from thousands of designs by Gyproc to get a false ceiling that matches exactly your taste and decor.