Everything you need to know about house false ceilings

Everything you need to know about house false ceilings

A good ceiling is just as integral as any other part of the home. It needs to be sturdy and strong, but it also has to fit in and add to that overall aesthetic of the house. Since the aesthetics and design are very limited in the traditional ceilings, a lot of people are now turning to false ceilings to beautify their homes.

While looking for the best false ceiling designs for your house or your establishment, it is also integral to look for a thermally efficient as well as fire-resistant option, which will keep you, your family, or your employees safe in case of a mishap. In today’s times, a ceiling cannot be a mere fifth wall. It has to be aesthetic as well as safe, and these things should be kept in mind when one is looking to do their room ceiling design. False ceiling has come out as the most chosen option for homeowners as well as those looking to design their office, due to the various advantages it has attached to it along with the beauty part.

Thorough research is a must when choosing to do your ceiling, by the homeowner or the contractor. Having knowledge about different false ceiling designs, its properties, its advantages as well as their disadvantages is very integral when making a decision. Read further to know a little more about the best false ceilings designs and the pros and cons of false ceiling installation in your homes.

What is a false ceiling?

A false ceiling also called a dropped ceiling, is an artificial ceiling that hangs below the main ceiling of the house. It is suspended by wooden or metal frames and is crafted out of various materials such as gypsum, plaster of Paris (PoP), wood, etc. These materials are rather moldable and hence can be given any shape or pattern that the owner desires to have in his room. Since the material used for most false ceilings are lightweight, they are easy to install, and also since there is no use to powder cement as such it tends to give out much lesser dust as compared to traditional roofs.

While designing or redesigning the fifth wall of your house, contractors also tend to recommend the usage or PoP (Plaster of Paris) or gypsum false ceilings in the house due to the numerous advantages attached to the false ceiling, apart from the aesthetics. The false ceiling gives a cleaner finish, reduces electricity consumption, and lowers room temperature. Apart from this, using a gypsum false ceiling with an added protectant gives you fire resistant and waterproof false ceilings, further increasing the vigor of your house and keeping your family safe.

Most commercial or house false ceilings have LEDs pre-installed with the ceiling, thus reducing the power consumption and reducing your expenditure on electricity. The false ceilings have become a widely liked phenomenon and have been installed in many homes, offices, and basements due to their aesthetic appeal and their economic advantage over traditional ceilings.

Different types of false ceiling materials

Gypsum false ceilings

1. Gypsum false ceilings

Gypsum boards are the most popularly used material for false ceilings due to their lightweight tendencies, design appeal, and fire, moisture, and sound resistance. This is the most ideal materials for a room ceiling design since it is an environmentally friendly option for those opting for a false ceiling

Plaster of Paris(PoP) false ceiling

2. Plaster of Paris(PoP) false ceiling

Plaster of Paris is the second most commonly used false ceiling material due to the smooth finish it provides. It is easy to level and can be molded in any shape. PoP ceilings have good insulation and are long-lasting even in varying weather conditions.

Abstract designs

3. Wooden false ceiling

Due to its natural texture and classic look, wood has found its way into the false ceiling family. A wooden false ceiling has great sound absorption and helps save energy when installed. It is however on the pricier side and hence is normally found in residential projects as opposed to commercial projects.

Advantages of false ceilings

  • A false ceiling lets you adorn your room ceiling design the way you wish to. Whatever look you prefer, a false ceiling will help you achieve it
  • Provides a neat and uniform looking ceiling finish. The false ceiling hides all wired and pipes and gives a clean finish to your ceilings
  • A false ceiling also helps reduce the temperature of the home. Since there is a distance between the actual roof and a false ceiling, the distance helps with a reduction in the room temperature
  • Installing a false ceiling can also help reduce the lighting cost of the home, as the LEDs installed as a part of the false ceiling are energy efficient and help reduce the cost
  • Most false ceiling board materials are fire-resistant and waterproof, thus giving a long term solution due to the durability of the ceiling

Disadvantages of false ceiling

  • A false ceiling requires precision in design, calculation, and installation and hence can only be done by experts
  • For homes that have a naturally low roof, a false ceiling would not be ideal. The house false ceiling is installed at least 8 inches below the actual ceiling, further reducing the distance between the roof and the floor

A false ceiling is custom designed and if made out of durable material such as gypsum or PoP, it can last up to 20 years under normal conditions. It is the most ideal option for contractors

working on a commercial building. Due to its aesthetic advantage, the building looks good if any client visits. Additionally, using fire-resistant and thermally efficient boards keeps the employees comfortable and gives them a sense of safety, in case of any mishap.

Similarly, for a homeowner designing or redesigning their roof, a false ceiling is the most ideal option due to the dust-free installation as well as the cleaner looking, aesthetically appealing ceilings. Adding a false ceiling to any space can completely transform the space into your dream style. Be it elegant, dramatic, or whimsical, a suitable false ceiling will help achieve that look in a snap!