Gift your child a magical space

Give your home interiors a quick makeover

Transform your child’s room into a delightful, dreamy abode with splashes of colors, enchanting ceiling designs, and chic furniture to inspire those little imaginative minds. Their room is the space where your child spends most of their time has to be designed in a way that lets your child enter a dream world while entering the room. While you design a dream bedroom for your kid, there are multiple things to be kept in mind.

Unlike us, kids don’t really care about aesthetic showpieces or beautiful wardrobe patterns. However, what they do care about is plenty of space to play and a space they can call theirs. Gifting your kids a room with colorful splashes that they would love to look at or a whimsical ceiling design that lets them wander off it into their own wonderland is the best thing for them. Here are some tips and tricks you can follow when designing an amusing abode you little one:

Color me happy!

1. Color me happy!

Wondering what your favorite hue can do to you? What if we told you that your child’s productivity and academic progress are directly linked to the colors in their nest? It is scientifically proven that looking at certain colors while studying or working is said to improve your mind's productivity and help you perform the task better. If you want to tune a tranquil atmosphere to nurture your zealous child, throw in some calming blue or a dose of millennial pink which fosters harmony. When smearing your child’s favorite hues in their room, why only stop at the walls? Add a dash of their favorite colors or some contrasting colors to the ceiling by opting for the latest false ceiling design, which takes care of the color aspect as well as the lighting aspect of the room, giving your child ample light to study or play, without any harm to the eyes. Add some zing to the contrasting hues of yellow and avocado through chic cushions and upholstery to strike a colorful balance in the room.

Muggles, wizards, and fairies…

2. Muggles, wizards, and fairies…

With Instagram tugging hard on your heartstrings with unicorns, bunnies, and mermaids, it's hard to resist its lure into our inner child even more than our kids. Therefore it becomes imperative to shop for and deck up your kid’s room with goodies that match their personality and moreover, lay emphasis on age-sensitive themes that are easy to upgrade when your child has grown like beanbags, posters, or quirky cupboards. Go all-out and bedeck your child's room with their favorite characters! Be it one of the looney tunes or a hardcore cricket or wrestling fandom, let your child’s room be their canvas of expression. To kick it up a notch, choose ceiling designs that let you turn the fifth wall into a part of their fandom as well that they can look at when lying in the bed. A false ceiling design made out using gypsum boards gives you the freedom to convert your kid’s den into their corner of expression.

Sassy spaces and sleepovers!

3. Sassy spaces and sleepovers!

If you’re looking to create a nursery or playroom for your kids, without having the hassle of construction work dampen your mood or your home, traditional masonry takes a backseat. Gypsum boards come into the fore as a clandestine weapon to create savy and dust-free partitions for any reason. If you’re looking to up your kid’s IQ with musical lessons, a false ceiling design made using gypsum boards ensure an acoustically sound structure which disallows the sound from leaving the room and refrains external sounds from entering the room. In case you’re short on space, opt for pull-out storage beds or stylish bunk beds that give your kids a chic haven indoors.

Playtime adventures

4. Playtime adventures

Make playtimes free of first-aid hassles with patterned rugs that ensure a soft landing. Besides being kind to the knees, rigs are extremely easy to clean and can be easily changed to suit the trends. You can also point your kid’s compasses to the skies with aesthetic ceiling designs of solar systems and glowing stars that inspire their imagination to soar each night they go to bed.

Quirky cubby holes

5. Quirky cubby holes…

Finding well-fitting bedroom furniture becomes as important as scouring an animated theme to awe your little one. Spruce up their spaces with poster adorned wardrobes, cute storage investment, and whimsical false ceiling designs to look at every night. Don't let storage dilemmas dictate the size of their toys, pajamas, or board games. Get additional space made using gypsum board partitions and spray an array of rainbow shades onto these lockers and make them a part of their whimsical world!

Giving your kid their own eccentric space to divulge into, with a dash of colorful splashes and a never-ending dreamland to look at, when they sleep with beautiful false ceiling designs.