Gift yourself a better kitchen with designer false ceilings

How a PoP False ceiling can elevate your bedroom

Home is where a tasty smell wafts through your nose as soon as you walk home. It's a place where delicious memories are cooked and served. It is where the masterchef within you comes to life and cooks meals that your loved ones happily taste and eat, even if it tastes like cardboard. The secret place in your home where all this magic takes place is your kitchen.

A beautiful kitchen can make all the change in your mood as well as how your home looks altogether. Unlike the other rooms in a home, kitchen ceilings aren’t paid as much attention to and are left to be looking plain and mundane.


Choosing to opt for a latest kitchen false ceiling design can revamp your kitchen in a way that would make you fall in love with your kitchen. Just like you would love to come home to a beautifully designed living room at the end of the day or snuggle into your bed and call it a day whilst looking up to beautiful bedroom ceilings, a new ceiling design for the kitchen may just be the key to make you fall in love with cooking.

Opting for a latest kitchen false ceiling design will not only help your kitchen look aesthetically pleasant but also add a lot of benefits to your space. Use ofgypsum board as a part of your new ceiling design will help make in easy installation of your cabinets, thus ensuring a perfectly set-up kitchen for your cooking sessions.


Due to its natural properties, gypsum boards are fire resistant and water repellent, which help keep the kitchen safe in case of any mishap and also ensures that there isn’t any water leakage that may cause any damage or accident in the kitchen.

With built in lights, these new ceiling designs brighten up your kitchen without throwing too much glare at it and look magnificent in every space. Additionally, the latest kitchen false ceiling designs also come in various colors and designs, so give your imagination a free rein and get to decorating it the way you would like to.


Your kitchen, if not decorated as well as your other rooms, if often off-putting and can take the cooking mood out of you. On the other hand a beautiful space can put you in the cooking mood even when you don’t feel like cooking and can assist in whipping up dishes as beautiful as the space itself.

For most homes, the kitchen is the space where the dining table is set as well, which is all the more reasons to get one of the latest kitchen false ceiling designs for your space, so when you look up, you look up to beauty whilst enjoying your meal.


When having a few friends over or an intimate family dinner, a new ceiling design in the kitchen can make them fall in love with your spaces. Beautiful lights can add to the vibe and mood lighting that comes with the latest kitchen false ceiling design, your guests will be swooning in the beauty of your space

Adding a latest kitchen false ceiling design can also be beneficial in terms of acoustics. Since gypsum boards are known to be acoustically sound, they can help deflect the external sounds that bother you and can help you cook a tasty meal or enjoy your supper in peace with your loved ones.

A boon to those who love to cook, a latest kitchen false ceiling design brings in beauty and aesthetics along with functionality. These new ceiling designs allow you to bring in your imagination onto your ceiling. Be it boxy, coffered or just a floating island type ceiling, get any ceiling you would like to see in your favourite space of the house and get chopping.


The best part about a new ceiling design is that it has the ability to transform your kitchen entirely. This comes in handy when you plan on redoing your kitchen or your entire home. Gypsum board based ceiling helps you create a much more functional and appealing design, without causing too much of a hassle of the installation process. Unlike the traditional brick and cement process, false ceiling installation is quick and easy and your kitchen can be delivered to you looking all fresh and done up within as less as 7 days*

Fixing of the gypsum boards into a pre-designed truss is done on your only ceiling. The boards and truss are pre-designed and are only brought into your space and directly installed, avoiding all the dust and stains that would have been faced while doing a brick and cement ceiling. The slack of dust and the quick process makes having a latest kitchen false ceiling design all the more practical and attractive looking for the new age homes.