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In the last 10 years, India has witnessed a tremendous transformation in the way businesses conduct themselves, the increased relevance of start-ups, employee engagement and the design and atmosphere of office spaces. As the industrialization grows, so do the offices and workspaces

Today in new-age workspaces, noise seems to be one of the most significant factors impacting employee productivity. Workspaces have transformed from independent offices to open plan office layouts, mainly consisting of open cubicles or open work stations. Gone are the traditional cabins and tables, an open plan office layout is what almost all offices are starting to use.

While an open plan office layout enables more accessibility and transparency, it also adds to noise in the workplace. Distraction due to speech is a problem often encountered by employees in modern workspaces. Since the cubicles are so close to each other, employees find it hard to concentrate on their own work if someone in the next cubicle or the one across is talking or discussing.

In many cases, open plan offices miss out on consciously planning the right acoustics design. Research indicates that a good acoustic environment can significantly improve employee performance. Due to the advantage of peace, the employees can focus on their work or brainstorm about ideas and yield out better results than being in noisy surroundings.

There are a few key steps which are required to help improve employee efficiency. The three key steps to good office acoustics are:

  • Sound absorption: Lowering excess noise by using sound absorption materials for internal surfaces and furniture

  • Sound insulation: Reducing sound transmission through walls, ceilings, doors and windows

  • Zoning: Thorough and planned layout of an office space, including acoustics


1. Drywalls

In this regard, Gyproc India, a subsidiary of the Saint-Gobain Group in India tapped the opportunity early. Today, the company specializes in gypsum-based interior solutions across ceilings and drywall partitions. These solutions use gypsum boards and entail acoustic properties that remain significant to improved noise levels and better employee productivity in workplaces.

A drywall, Gyproc India’s main offering, is a high performance lightweight interior wall system which can be used to partition any interior space. Drywalls are extremely easy to install and can be set up three to four times faster than masonry construction, since the gypsum boards that are used to make a drywall are pre-designed and only require installation.

As they are extremely easy to install, drywalls can always be set up as partitions in the workplace to help create separate work sections, in order to reduce noise levels.

Unlike masonry walls, Gyproc drywalls can deliver up to 70db+ of sound insulation levels. Larger office spaces truly benefit from drywalls as they are extremely lightweight and can be installed anywhere in the office. In case of a change in the office layout, these drywall systems can be detached and set up as per the new plan.


2. Ceilings

Additionally, Saint-Gobain Gyproc also specializes in designer false ceilings which entail acoustic and comfort aspects. Installation of a grid ceiling includes the use of a lightweight lay-in gypsum board that can substantially reduce noise levels in the workspace. As part of its extensive portfolio, Gyproc also consists of Ecophon ceiling tiles and Gyptone acoustic ceilings which provide high-level sound-absorbing ceilings and wall absorber systems.

The Ecophone range of soft felt (glass wool) tiles offer 90 to 100% sound absorption, appear in a variety of edge designs and enable easy installation. Like Ecophone, Gyptone acoustic ceilings also provide an impressive sound absorption and enable large ceiling surface areas to reduce noise levels in offices.

About Gyproc India

3. About Gyproc India

Part of the larger Saint-Gobain Group, Gyproc India is the gypsum business of the company in India. A market leader in designer false ceilings, gypsum board drywall and plastering solutions. Gyproc India is present across various sectors such as residential, hotels, office spaces, hospitals, education, etc

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