Latest false ceiling designs that will enhance your lifestyle

tSimple and Best False Ceiling Designs for Living Room

Like a building seems incomplete without a strong roof, the home decor seems incomplete without a good ceiling. Since a traditional ceiling has certain limitations in terms of design and aesthetics, a lot of people are turning to PoP false ceilings or modern gypsum design ceilings to decorate their homes with. These customized false ceilings are the aesthetically modern solution to traditional architectural needs.

These modern gypsum ceiling designs are called false ceiling or dropped ceiling since this ceiling is installed or hanged below the actual ceiling using metal accessories. Since these ceilings are added separately and aren’t a part of the actual structure of the house or the apartment, they can be designed and modeled into any shape or pattern that the owner wishes. As most of these latest false ceiling designs are made out of lightweight materials such as Gypsum or Plaster of Paris (PoP), they tend to have many additional qualities as compared to the traditional ceiling options. Being lightweight helps in easy installation of the false ceiling and the boards used to form the ceiling are also water-resistant, hence help with the leakage problem. The false ceilings also tend to be fire resistant and give out less dust while being constructed, thus giving your house a cleaner environment.

For those looking to decorate their homes or even re-decorate it, a false ceiling lets you choose from various latest false ceiling designs for hall or bedroom, which are sure to add the wow factor to your home and makes sure that each room stands out with a unique ceiling. Here are a few latest false ceiling designs that are sure to make your home stand apart.

Modern pastel

1. Modern pastel

A modern approach to the traditional pastel hues is one of the most loved latest ceiling designs. This kind of false ceiling goes with all kinds of furniture and gives the room a bright and pleasant touch. It's the best option for those who are in love with classics.

Geometric patterns

2. Geometric patterns

A geometric pattern is one of the most liked llatest ceiling design for hall/living room, as it gives the room an upbeat yet unique touch. This false ceiling design adds a perfect blend of contemporary and contrasting to your room and is sure to attract the eye of a visitor.

Abstract designs

3. Abstract designs

For those who like to stand-out, these abstract false ceiling designs are the perfect pick. These beautifully abstract patterns are unlike any other latest false ceiling design and happen to be quite eye-catching yet calming for the person in the room.

Kids wonderland

4. Kids wonderland

Give your child a dream world to enter into when entering their room. The colorful and whimsical designer false ceilings for kids can convert a basic room into their wonderland and let your child wander away into a land of imagination with the latest ceiling designs for bedrooms.

Apart from the above given false ceiling patterns, there are a lot more patterns that you could choose from while looking to decorate your home. Adding a false ceiling to any space not only enlivens the space aesthetically but also helps in reducing electricity consumption. It adds a completely different glam to any room that it is added to. Moreover, you can also opt for a fireproof and water repellent design when you go for a false ceiling.