Simple and Best False Ceiling Designs for Living Room

tSimple and Best False Ceiling Designs for Living Room

A ceiling is no longer just a roof over your head. The fifth wall or the ceiling has now become just as integral part of the decor as all the walls and spaces of the house. Since it is always said, your home reflects your personality, the decor and the aesthetics, all reflect your style. While doing your house, taking care of all aspects of your house, but missing out on the ceiling makes the room look a little lacking. Since the traditional ceilings restrict the ways they can be decorated, false ceilings are the new go-to. Choosing a false ceiling design for living room can take care of all your problems as well as match the aesthetics and decor.

Living room ceiling design has to be done cleverly and articulately to ensure that it takes care of the multiple things at once. When opting for a false ceiling for the living room, it's not just the decor that is taken care of. They also add coziness and warmth to a living room. The designs and the lightings that come with a false ceiling add a completely different touch and charm to a living room. Hence, even your contractor would recommend you pick a false ceiling design for living room

Apart from the beauty and aesthetics that a false ceiling adds to a living room ceiling design, it has multiple other qualities due to which they should be preferred over traditional ceilings. A false ceiling is fire resistant and water repellent, which thus helps protect your house from any unforeseen mishap. It also provides for great acoustics, so if you play the piano or any other instrument, you’re sure to enjoy playing it better by using a false ceiling for living room. A simple false ceiling for the living room too, comes with pre-installed LEDs, thus reducing your electricity bill considerably, as compared to the one with normal lighting. In addition to all this, a false ceiling installation is easier and dust-free, thus providing you a cleaner air to breathe in while your home is being done.

If you too, are someone planning to redo your living room ceiling or starting fresh to design your living room ceiling, keeping in mind the shape and size of your loving room, here are a few of the best ceiling design for living room, read on to know more:

Natural canopy

1. Natural canopy

This innovative false ceiling in the shape of a canopy adds a rustic charm to a room. Unlike the regular flat traditional ceiling, it has a unique look to it and is sure to impress any onlooker. You can also create a juxtaposition of colours merely by using different coloured woods, which are sure to add more charm to your living room. Dark coloured false ceiling tiles can be paired with lighter shade of wooden slats or vice versa to give your living room a wooden cabin feel. If you’re someone who likes dark hues and a warm touch to your living room, then it is one of the most ideal and simple false ceiling living room design to go for. Pair it with some warm and simple lighting options and you’re sure to leave your visitors in awe.

Creative layers

2. Creative layers

If minimal, yet stylish is your style then opt for these layered false ceiling designs. Such layered ceilings make a statement without using a lot of colours, patterns or even lighting. Such ceilings have 2-3 layers with inverted cove lighting, which enhances the beauty of the room and the ceiling. Each layer has its own set of LED installations, so if you wish to colour it up, you can have the contractor install different coloured LEDs to different layers or maybe even colour changing LEDs. Depending on the size of your living room, you could make 1 or 2 sets of layered false ceilings for better effect. Such layered ceilings give the impression of a taller and broader ceiling when looked at.

Simple shapes

3. Simple shapes

If you’re someone going for a false ceiling for living room for the first time, this is another safe yet classy design for you. This false ceiling design has a simple shape cut out in it for lights or fan installations. For someone who is skeptical about how a false ceiling would look in their house, this is a safe bet. Such ceilings have different shapes and cut out options to choose from as per your liking. You could go for the basic round or square shape or dare to choose a little more outgoing hexagonal or triangular shape for your cutout. You also have an option to add pre installed lighting with such a false ceiling. If you have a larger space, you can add more than one cut out which will help give a more dramatic effect.

Suspended island

4. Suspended island

One of the most minimal yet exquisite looking designs, this suspended ceiling gives an opulent and classy look to your bedroom.The suspended island is having a section in the middle, with a cut out around it and an array of lights around the middle section. These lights give a soft, illuminating glow to the room and create an illusion of the island in the middle being suspended and floating mid air. This is yet another muted yet classy ceiling option for the living room ceiling. You could pick contrasting colours for the island and the rest of the ceiling, if you wish to go a little bolder. The lighting behind the island can be changed as per the colour of the living room, thus making this a perfect match with your decor. Such a ceiling gives the impression of your room being more elongated to an onlooker.

While designing a ceiling for your living room, intricacies and details is something you really need to get into. The design decision should not only match the decor and style, but will also be gracing your home for years and hence it cannot be treated as an afterthought. Careful thought, good imagination and rational choices can help you achieve the perfect ceiling for your home.