This Diwali, brighten your home with designer ceilings

Everything you need to know about house false ceilings

Sweets, rangolis, diyas, and gifts. As the festive season of Diwali approaches, it is time to spruce up your home with beautiful flowers, elegant lights and everything that is beautiful. This year, however, how about painting beautiful flowers on your ceilings and installing elegant lights as a part of your home decor? This year, celebrate Diwali a little different with us

Leave your family in awe when they come to visit you this festive season, with your beautiful decor and our enchanting ceilings. Let the lights change as per your mood when having a love filled dinner with the elders or an intense taash match with the cousins. This Diwali, welcome the goddess Lakshmi in a beautiful, unique, and vibrant home.

While decorating their homes, people often don't pay much attention to the fifth wall or ceiling. While each of your rooms look dazzling under beautiful lights, a plain and basic ceiling becomes a mood-killer. This Diwali, give your home a gift that adds a touch of brilliance to your ceilings, with Gyproc designer false ceilings. Leave behind the plain whites and embrace the bold and vibrant hues and shapes for your ceilings.

With an array of designer false ceilings to choose from, it’s time to adorn your home in beautiful colors and elegant lights. Confused where to start? Check out some of our most elegant yet traditional ceiling designs and lighting options you would love to have as a part of your homes:

Colour all the way

Gypsum false ceilings

1. Mellow Yellow

A shade of yellow to match perfectly with the mellow vibe that the festive season brings with it. This vibrant color has a Diwali vibe to it and goes very well as a part of any false ceiling design. The color carries with it a playfulness and carefree feeling that has the onlooker feeling happy and bright in no time. It's the perfect color for family meets and gets the entire family in the festive mood! With matching lights, this color can give your room a fresh-looking feel throughout the day, through all seasons.

Plaster of Paris(PoP) false ceiling

2. Vibrant Violet

An unusual yet bold hue that makes your room stand out. While violet is not one of the usual Diwali colors, it is a color that looks extremely elegant and royal when adorning any ceiling. It is one of the few colors with which any type of decor matches. Got grey curtains and a yellow table? Violet makes a perfect link between both of these colors. Most importantly, the violet shade makes the diyas and the lamps look even more beautiful when decked against it. This shade looks extremely alluring during the day and against the eneving lights, it makes the space richer!

Abstract designs

3. Raging Red

One of the most vibrant colors in the color palette, red color is considered auspicious in everything festive, so why not choose it to enliven your spaces? The latest false ceiling designs have adapted these dark and solid hues to adorn the rooms in such a way that the ceiling colors create a juxtaposition in the room during the day and the night. The red hue enhances the decor of the room in such a way the decor stands out against the dark hue. Making a contrast between the yellow of the diyas and the orange of the lamps, a red ceiling will give out the perfect Diwali vibe to your space.

Abstract designs

4. Blissful Blue

One of the most calming colors of the palette, the shade of blue is liked by almost all and also is in sync with other colors, thus helping match any decor item irrespective of its color. The blue gives the ceiling a royal touch and makes your ceiling stand out. Like to have a low-key and subtle festive celebration? A ceiling decked in blue will fulfil both the subtle yet the festive needs. No matter what the shade, the blue color has a calming and rich effect which is the perfect way to decorate your space for the festive season.

Another most important aspect of Diwali is the lights, and the beauty it adds to every space. This year, give a chance to Gyproc’s unique lights for false ceilings to enliven your spaces. Here are a few ways our false ceiling lights can help bring your spaces alive.

Light it up!

Gypsum false ceilings

1. Recessed lighting

Recessed lights appear as a hidden source of light, since they are installed into the ceiling, and look like an illuminating diya. Recessed lighting can brighten up the entire room when installed as a part of the false ceiling. They give out just enough shimmer to elevate the entire room, but not too much to hurt the eyes. So when having dinner or a quick joke and catch-up session with the family, be assured that these recessed lights will only add to the festive mood.

Plaster of Paris(PoP) false ceiling

2. Flush lighting

Typically a dome-shaped light fixture, flush lighting looks very beautiful when installed as a part of your ceilings. Flush lighting, due to its shape, gives the illusion of a chandelier installed, thus making your spaces seem more royal and decked up for the festivities. A soft and beautiful light and a dinner party with friends - what better way to call it festive? Flush lighting will not only make your spaces stand out due to its beauty, but also give out enough light to brighten up space and evoke the Diwali vibe!

Abstract designs

3. Suspended lighting

Suspended lights or pendant lights are lights that hang from the ceiling using different and stylish cords and chains, depending on what you choose as per your decor. Emanating a teardrop lighting effect throughout the space, these lights when installed as a part of your ceiling, give your space a very elegant touch. These suspended false ceiling lights emit a very soft ambiance wherever they are installed and are perfect to host a Diwali dinner party and to have that catch-up session with friends or family after not meeting them for months!

A designer false ceiling is ideal for every space and decorates your spaces for every occasion and festival. Be it circular, geometric, or any shape of your liking, add elegance to your living room using false ceilings. With long-lasting quality and quick construction, a false ceiling can be molded into any shape of your liking and has fire-resistant and water repellent properties, safeguarding you and your family from any festive mishaps.

These false ceilings give a sleek and smooth finish to the ceiling, and are ready for every festival and to host parties. With special lights for each space and numerous colors and designs to choose from, a false ceiling is the most ideal solution for every space.