Top 5 Bedroom False Ceiling Designs You will Love

top 5 bedroom false celling designs you will love

The false ceiling has come a long way from being a mere tool to hide wires and lopsided ceilings. The latest false ceiling designs serve an array of purposes in the bedroom. A gypsum false ceiling, along with being aesthetically pleasing, serves an array of purposes. Along with providing the most whimsical and latest false ceiling design, gypsum false ceiling boards also provide great acoustics to the room. The false ceiling also has inbuilt LED installation which helps in reducing the electricity consumption, thus reducing your monthly expenditure. Additionally, these false ceiling boards are also fire resistant and water repellent, thus safeguarding your house from any damage of any mishap.

Available in a number of designs and colours, gypsum false ceilings are aesthetically pleasing as well as the best way to showcase your style via your home decor. While there are a number of materials that can be used to design a false ceiling such as PoP (Plaster of Paris), wood, fiber, metal and gypsum, the gypsum false ceiling has become a choice of many while designing their homes due to the numerous qualities attached to it. Gypsum ceilings, made out of gypsum, is a naturally available sulfate, and hence is eco friendly, as opposed to the materials available in the market. Gypsum is a lightweight material, and hence, once processed and made into ceiling tile, the installation process is very effortless. Also, opting for a gypsum false ceiling when picking any latest false ceiling design, ensures zero to no dust, thus giving you a cleaner environment and space.

When going for a gypsum false ceiling, why only pick a false ceiling design for drawing room? Deck up all your rooms in a way that each design expresses you, and if not all, definitely deck up your bedroom. If you are looking to adorn your bedroom, here are top 5 false ceiling images and designs that are sure to add the wow quotient to your bedroom:

Floating false ceiling

1. Floating false ceiling

One of the most minimal yet exquisite looking designs, this floating false ceiling gives an opulent and classy look to your bedroom. This gypsum false ceiling, once installed, has the placement of the LEDs all around the edge of the ceiling as well as the middle section, or the island part of the ceiling which gives out a soft glow in the entire room and gives the illusion of the ceiling floating mid air. If minimal is what you like, then this is the perfect option for your bedroom! Having a juxtaposition of dark and light hues between the island and the edge will give your room an added charm. You can choose from a variety of designs when opting for a floating ceiling.

Coffered false ceiling

2. Coffered false ceiling

If you’re looking to add an architectural interest to your bedroom, coffered pattern is one of the most liked latest false ceiling designs. Coffered ceilings are normally square shaped and have criss cross beams forming a grid like pattern. These beams add weight to the ceiling and are sure to attract any onlookers attention upwards. An added selection of LED lighting can transform the space completely. It gives your room a soft yet attention grabbing brightness. If squares with a different touch is what you like, then this pattern is an ideal choice for your master bedroom! While opting for a coffered pattern for your ceiling, you can also choose another pattern, such as rectangle or octagon as well. These patterns have their own charm and are just as alluring to look at!

Modern false ceiling

3. Modern false ceiling

The modern false ceiling design is classy yet elegant opting when you decide to go for a gypsum false ceiling for your bedroom. This false ceiling design has different shaped cut outs in it. These cutouts can be used for lights or fan installations in the ceiling. The best part about opting for a modern ceiling for any space is that you can decide on the design for the cut out. So whichever share you’re a fan of or thing would go best with the rest of the decor of the house, you can name it and the contractor will oblige you to it! You can also decide if you wish to have more than just one of these cutouts in the ceiling, for an added dramatic effect.

Kids wonderland

4. Kids wonderland

It's true what is said about how a space inspires your thoughts. Just as a beautiful decor inspires you, it inspires the kids too. So why not give them a beautiful false ceiling as well? Choose a ceiling which is just as whimsical as their room. A sporty, princess or a jungle theme, treat your kids bedroom like a canvas and see how happy the finished room makes them!

Panel false ceiling

5. Panel false ceiling

A panel false ceiling begins behind your bed, and is often in symmetry with the headboard. It runs vertically along the wall behind the bed and continues onto the ceiling above the bed. This pattern is one of the more pronounced latest false ceiling designs and gives a sense of theatre to the bedroom. The panel can be as basic as just cove lighting, to as pronounced as a contrasting colour or wallpaper, either way it sure makes a statement.

All of the above latest false ceiling designs and many more such designs are a statement on their own and the perfect way to express how you are as a person. Your space is the perfect way to express yourself and such spaces become an inspiration to any kind of work. Besides being beautiful, gypsum false ceilings have very high utility and numerous benefits attached to it. Once installed, a false ceiling can last upto 20 years and provide constant protection to your ceiling, in addition to the beauty it adds to the space. Since the fifth wall is just as important to a decor as all the other parts of the decor, it is important that you put a good amount of thought in it before deciding on it.