Use Gypsum drywalls to improve your home

Gypsum drywalls

All of us, while imagining walls, can only picture bricks and cement covered with paint. Over the years, these cement and brick walls have developed and become advanced but still face the problem of water damage, cracks, and peeling giving out a highly unappealing look within a short span of time. The repair and maintenance cost of these walls are extremely high and also time consuming. The solution to avoid these bricks and cement walls altogether is gypsum drywalls.

Designed with gypsum as its base material, gypsum drywalls are eco friendly and a quick, easy and lasting solution to all the wall related problems one faces in their home. The new age solution to walls, these dry walls are designed keeping in mind the issues that are faced with the old-age brick and cement walls and with the intention to solve as many problems as possible with these gypsum drywalls.

Gypsum, as a building material is lightweight, yet high strength and the gypsum boards are thin in design with extreme ease in installation. Further, these gypsum boards are divided into various kinds, each having a different characteristic and yet providing just as good protection to your homes when installed as drywall partitions.

Gypsum drywalls

Thesegypsum boards have grown to be one of the most preferred form of drywall partitions in the past few years due to the numerous advantages they carry with themselves. A gypsum drywall is not only aesthetically pleasing to look at, but also has a number of technical advantages. These boards provide sound insulation, fire resistance, water repellent properties and are sag proof.

In a gypsum board, gypsum ore is the main material which is mixed with a light aggregate and shaped into a hollow or introduced foam to reduce the self-weight of the product itself and reduce the heat conductivity. Fibers are usually added to the mix to improve the tensile strength of these drywall partitions and to reduce its brittleness.

Gypsum drywalls

Gypsum boards are usually available in latex paint and other finishes, which can be chosen by you as per your decor or color and texture preferences. One should be extremely careful while choosing a drywall partition since improperly treated and finished gypsum boards can have a few cracks in them and damage easily.

Known for its out-of-the box ceiling designs, Gyproc India also specializes in drywall partitions using gypsum boards and has delivered outstanding projects over the years. With numerous types, finishes, and colors for you to choose from, Gyproc promises unmatched quality that stands the test of time and delivers everything promised to your homes.

Gypsum drywalls

Once ready, these gypsum drywalls can be installed quickly in your homes without much hassle to the surroundings and are proven to be a lightweight, high-tensile, and economic solution as opposed to the brick and cement walls. Widely used in the numerous commercial settings, gypsum drywalls are now being chosen by a number of residential projects as well due to its amazing sound insulation.

If your home faces the problem of damp walls during the monsoon, or if too much external sound isn’t letting your work in peace, gypsum drywalls are your solution. The all-round solution to numerous problems, these drywall partitions come as a boon especially with its sound reduction in city areas and its water repellent properties in areas that receive high rainfall.

Gypsum drywalls

The threat of fire is always looming over your home and is a scary thought. Gypsum drywalls take away this stress from you. Gypsum as a material is an insulator of fire and hence incase of any mishap, ensures that the fire doesn’t spread around your home, thus safeguarding you and your family from huge losses.

With the perfect paint finish, a drywall partition can last years without very little to no maintenance. The best thing is, you get to choose what color or pattern you like the most and look at it everyday while you lounge or work at the place you call home.

It's time to break free from the clutches of the traditional walls and jump into beautiful surroundings covered with trendy and safe gypsum drywalls!