According to the OECD, the average number of hours worked on an annual basis is approximately 1,750. Ensuring that this time is spent in a productive and pleasant place of business is an imperative for companies if they wish to retain their best people and be successful. The standard of the built environment in the retail sector will also have an impact on consumers’ shopping habits


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A Productive Business Space

It is well known that a company’s best asset is its people and, consequently, that any improvements in their work performance is ultimately to its benefit. With the prevalence of open plan offices in particular, good acoustics maximises employee job satisfaction, retention and performance. Statistics show that within a good acoustical workplace environment, stress and the corresponding symptoms are reduced by 27% and that speech distraction is lessened by 51%. Moreover, there is evidence of improvements in the accuracy of work and the ability to focus on tasks by 10% and 48% respectively.


Acoustic Control
Superior Aesthetics & Design
Economic Savings
Fire Protection

Office spaces

Gyproc is a world leader in ceilings, drywall and plastering solutions. As a market leader in India, Gyproc has been at the forefront of delivering solutions to many leading building projects across various sectors. This section is a collection of case studies of projects completed using Gyproc solutions.



Accenture, a global consulting, technology and outsourcing services firm had a plan ready for a 1-lakh sq. ft. delivery center in Pune. They wanted a perfect balance of aesthetics and favorable work environment by giving equal importance to comfort and creative space.

Project Highlights

The client’s directive to the architect was to maintain global standards and ensure usage of internationally acclaimed solutions. Gyproc’s Drywalls and false ceilings ensured that the final structure was world-class and met all the specified requirements. A well co-ordinated effort between Gyproc technical team and contractor’s team ensured excellent surface finish and smooth completion of the project. .

Architect: M Cube design studio
Contractor: Kriticons Ltd

Other Projects

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