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“Gyproc Elite 90 is a gypsum-based one-coat plaster suitable for application on most internal surfaces, including brick, block and concrete. It consists of gypsum hemihydrate formulated with special additives to control working and setting characteristics and a lightweight exfoliated aggregate to improve the plaster's workability, coverage and application. When dry, it provides a white, smooth matt finish.

Gyproc Elite 90 is a replacement for traditional sand-cement plastering and is suitable for all internal dry plastering applications”


  • High coverage of 90m2 / MT (coverage based on 13mm thickness under lab conditions)
  • Fire protection: Non-combustible (BS 476 Part 4)
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Thermal resistance R = 0.07m2K/W (at 13 mm thickness)


  • Two times faster than conventional sand-cement plastering
  • No shrinkage cracks
  • Saves precious water as no water curing is required
  • Keeps rooms cooler, saving energy cost
  • Reduces structural load on building as it is 50% lighter than sand-cement plaster

Application instructions

Elite-90 product variant


Gyproc Elite-90 is one of the most sold one-coat plaster in India. Readily accepted by renowned builders this plaster provides you with excellent productivity and coverage.


High coverage of 90m2 / MT (coverage based on 13mm thickness under lab conditions)
Fire protection: Non-combustible (BS 476 Part 4)
Low thermal conductivity
Thermal resistance R = 0.07m2K/W (at 13 mm thickness)
Green Product


Gyproc Elite-MR plaster is made keeping one scope in mind, to give protection against moisture and for application in wet areas like bathroom, kitchens, basement or parking podium.


Total water absorption <5%
Fulfills European Standard EN 13279-1:2008 “Building Gypsum binders & Gypsum plaster”
Resists water suction
Pink in colour for easy identification of applied areas
Green product

Elite-Machine Spray:

Gyproc Elite Machine Spray Plaster has been developed to mechanize the plastering operation leading to higher productivity and less amount of labor requirement.


Higher Setting time of more than 90 minutes
Contains special polymer for ribbon like spraying
Saving on labor cost and application cost
Green Product


Comparison between Gyproc vs Sand Cement plaster?

What is the durability?

Lifelong: This plaster is formulated with high purity gypsum having free from lime and other contamination. Other ingredients and aggregates used also are natural. Thus it provides a strong and durability to the back ground.

What are the extra features of one coat plaster?

  1. It reduced the cost of putty during painting.
  2. Save cost of water curing (no post curing is required)
  3.  It provides thermal and sound insulation and absorption.

What are the Precautions to be taken while using Gyproc Plasters?

a) Tools and water used in the mixing must be clean and free from set plaster and other impurities.

b) Set plaster shortens the setting time and thus reduces the strength of plaster, which sets.

c) Fittings and plugging of all kinds should be done before the proceeding to plaster.

d) Openings, chisels, or other part for cable conduits and others should be cut before plastering.

e) Service piping, conduits, fixing clips and other metallic objects should be adequately protected by applying galvanizing, painting, or applying a layer of PVC mesh in order to protect it from rusting.

f) Once a mix has started to set, mix should not be re tempered neither should a fresh material be mixed with an old one.

What is the Shelf life?

Shelf life of Elite Plaster is 3 months from the date of manufacturing.

Why Gyproc Elite-90 and not any other gypsum plaster in the market?

Gyproc Elite-90 gives you maximum workability owing to its higher setting time (25 minutes) giving you less wastage. Its extra additives provide you with best in class coverage (23-25 sq-ft/25 kg bag at 13 mm thickness). Gyproc Elite-90 is green product and provides you contribution towards 27 LEED points

What is the difference between gyproc plaster and POP?

Plaster of Paris (POP) is a hemihydrate calcium sulphate with no additives in it, which means that setting time is unregulated, resulting in a lot of wastage and also formation of cracks.

Gyproc plasters contain specially formulated additives to take care of high background suction. So, they are used for application on high, moderate or low suction backgrounds like red bricks, concrete blocks, AAC blocks and RCC. The special additives ensure high spread (coverage) and increased setting time which reduces wastage and eliminates shrinkage cracks.

J.W. Marriott,

New Delhi

J.W. Marriott is a 5 star luxury hotel with 550 rooms located just outside the T3 airport terminal in New Delhi. The key requirement for this project was a system which would help in constructing the project faster, with walls that delivered high performance in terms of acoustics and fire rating.

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