Spruce up your kitchen to kick off the new decade

Spruce up your kitchen to kick off the new decade

This lockdown has pushed us all to put on the chef hat and start cooking gourmet! Be it pastries, snacks or an elaborate five-course meal, we all tried to create something fancy, something beautiful to enjoy. The question is, why only stop at beautiful dishes? Why not get a beautiful kitchen false ceiling design for your space?

As we leave behind the fateful year of 2020 and kick of this new decade, something new in your space would do you good. While bedrooms and halls are usually the most focused room for transformations, how about giving a transformation to the room that lets you explore your inner chef these past months? It's time to deck up your kitchen false ceiling in a way that brightens up the entire space and makes you trying out different dishes even more fun!

Kitchen False Ceilings Ideas - Gyproc

For those still pondering on ideas for kitchen false ceilings, let us bring to you the solace of choosing from numerous designs, a design, color, pattern and lighting you would love. No matter what the size of your kitchen, we have a little something for everyone. Choose from a variety of ideas for kitchen false ceilings or start creating your own design for your kitchen and we will deliver it to you.

Apart from adding that touch of beauty and elegance to your space, there are numerous benefits that are attached to a kitchen false ceiling. A kitchen false ceiling when made using gypsum drywall, can bring in so many benefits and add a layer of safety to your spaces and your home, which is important, especially in the kitchen.


A gypsum drywall, is made using gypsum ore, which is naturally found and doesn’t cause as much harm to the environment as do other ceiling materials. Due to its intrinsic properties, gypsum drywall is extremely light weight and takes as little as 7 days* to be completely added as your kitchen false ceiling.

With water repellent and fire resistant properties, your idea for kitchen false ceiling not only makes your kitchen beautiful but also adds a safety factor to the ceiling. Kitchen being a place where fire is being dealt with on an everyday basis, such fire resistant properties are the most ideal thing to have.


When deciding on installing a kitchen false ceiling, you do not have to worry about the size of your kitchen. Be it huge or intimate, we can fix a false ceiling in your kitchen irrespective of the space. All you have to do is choose the design and the color and leave the rest to us and watch in awe as we deliver a marvel.

Since lights come as a part of the kitchen false ceiling, you can choose the lights you wish in your kitchen as per your convenience. Bright lights near the stove and hanging recessed near the kitchen island? Don’t you worry, we get it done for you, and as you like. Cook your detailed meal under the right amount of light then dim the lights to enjoy the same meal with your loved one at the kitchen counter. Doesn’t that sound like a dream?


Having sound reduction qualities, a gypsum drywall being used for your kitchen false ceiling will help drown the noise from the other rooms as well as from the kitchen. So don't worry about all the clatter of the utensils when the chef within you is being artistic. Go ahead and create your masterpiece without being worried of being disturbed or causing disturbance.

With those who have their dining tables set in the kitchen itself, do not worry. With mood lighting options, Gyproc’s kitchen false ceilings are sure to set your mood right. Be it an intimate dinner with your partner, a laughter filled hi-tea with your family or a raging party with your pals, you bring the food and we will set the mood!


Apart from the functional benefits that come with a kitchen false ceiling, you also get to choose from or design your own ideas for kitchen false ceiling to match with your color preference, aesthetics or merely on how your dream kitchen looks. So it's time to stop pondering as you start deciding on how your kitchen ceiling would look.