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Gyproc Revolutionary drywalls
Revolutionary drywalls: A game-changer for the hotel industry and guest experience

Source: Hotelier India

Date: 24 May 2023

Sudeep Kolte, Vice President Sales and Marketing at Saint-Gobain Gyproc, tells us all about why dry walls offer best sound solutions

In the age of social media, a couple of bad reviews can cause heavy damage to a hotel and its reputation, driving away potential customers. Hence, hoteliers need to be cognizant of the construction practices keeping in mind their customers and their comfort from the spaces within a hotel.

While there are a few potential irritants for customers, one of the most common is complaints related to excessive noise. After all, guests are paying for a good night’s sleep, and noise from the street outside, nearby rooms, corridors, or lift shafts can be troublesome. This is especially a challenge given that the quality and hours of sleep are lowered when people are away from home, and even the tiniest sound can cause disturbance and leave them irritated; compelling the hospitality industry to find new-age solutions to avoid such distress for their customers.

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For this, hoteliers need to keep in mind to construct quieter structures, using sound insulation solutions for an enhanced consumer experience. Sound insulation refers to the ability of sound to flow from one side of a material or system to the other. The better the insulation on walls, the higher the rating. Good sound insulation is essential to safeguard sleep in bedrooms and guarantee confidentiality in meeting rooms.

It is a frequent misconception that block walls or the traditional brick and mortar are better at stopping sound from escaping or entering. However, it is proven that acoustically insulated drywall systems can achieve higher noise reduction compared to traditional walls of equal thickness. Thus, choosing drywall construction over traditional masonry walls provides some great advantages that can make a competitive difference in the quality and reputation of the hotel.

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Other than the sound insulation quality of drywalls, they are also a speedier and lighter building material alternative, gaining widespread popularity across all major hotel brands and developers, allowing them to complete projects faster and at a lower cost. When it comes to designing the perfect hotel and leisure facilities, considering sustainable interior solutions has now become a top priority. Thanks to alternatives like gypsum, and its special property that the material can be recycled indefinitely, thus making it the perfect fit for those hoteliers seeking optimal light and sustainable construction in addition to customer wellbeing.

Additionally investing in gypsum drywall provides a significant advantage in terms of fire safety.